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Hello! My name is Irina Astratenko. I am a jewelry designer. At this moment I live in Lithuania.

Once, when I was a little girl, I saw an amazing beauty in the beadworks, I saw how graceful they were. And I wanted to do something like that myself. But all my attempts went to nothing. I understood that knowing the technology is only a small part of that huge work I tried to do. There was some kind of mystery behind that. I visited a lot of countries to learn this art. My first teachers were Svetlana Shironina (Latvia), Olga Rayko (Latvia), Inna Ranneva (Russia, Sankt-Peterburg) and, of course, the one who showed me the way to the magic world of "Ankars" was Ekaterina Stepnaya (Russia, Moscow)

When I first saw the "Ankars" at the exhibition in Moscow, my first impression was, that those works were so wonderful, that they could grace even a queen. This is true, because the masters of "Ankars" get many awards at the exhibitions.

"Ankars" is a copyright technology of masters from Moscow.

These amazing works are made from subtle lace, nicely graced with beads, and glowing pearl or gems. Leading fashion designers from Moscow admire these wonderful handworks, because they are so unique. They don't have any analogy in the whole world.

Here you have a possibility to estimate my collection of various handworks and also the handworks, made by other masters. You can even buy many of them!

I've created a variety of patterns for people who would like to make the works themselves. I Wish you a good luck!

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