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Easter Egg



You may use an egg made of wood or take a regular egg, empty it and fill with sand (glue the whole after with some paraffin). Also, you may fill the egg shell with the paraffin (melt it in a pot and pour in), remember, that paraffin shrinks a lot and you will have to add some when it cools down.

You may color the shell with acrylics or nail polish (wait 24 hours for it to dry).

You will need 5 grams of the bugles and 15 grams of the seed beads.



egg beads

Note, that you will probably need more seed beads that it is shown on the picture. It all depends on the length of your bugles.

beaded eggs

Add this cross-stitch on one side of your chain.

Make 2 such circles (one of them will be on top, another at the bottom of the egg)

beaded egg pattern

The strings between the belt and the circle are easy to make if you do this. Make one, then another on the opposite side. The third one would be perpendicular to the first two. The fourth will be on the opposite side from the third.

beaded egg pattern

Put the beads on the right side (as it is shown on the picture) and tighten them. Now this cap will stay on your egg securely.

egg with beads pattern

estern eggs

Finish another end and your egg is done!

Author Irina Astratenko


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