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#1   Knitted collections by Svetlana Tipatova

  There is only manual jersey. The thing, which is appreciated most of all nowadays. Welcome to the world of knitted collection with the remarkable designer from Harkov Svetlana Tipatova. The publications of her models can be seen in the Moscov ond Kyev magazines. Beautiful sets of knitted clothes, manual handworks and a lot of patterns.

#2   Russian handwork club

  This solid project introduces the beginners and master of art to the world of knitting. Knitting lesson for beginners, tracery for kids and adults. With the of recommendations you will be able to bring out knitting and crochet. Those who are already acquainted with these techniques will be able to find out interesting tips. In the area which is dedicated to knitted toys you will get to know how they were made. Helpful advices about knitting and crochet, types of yarn, about quality, characteristics.

#3   Russian Magazine 'Natalia'

  'Natalia' is a magazine devoted to knitting for adults and children. Useful advices on yarn and knitting, articles about yarn, review of different types of yarn, school of knitting and crochet. The selection of the best models from 'Natalia' magazine with descriptions is published. The section is constantly updated.

#4   Knitting

  For those who like to create something special or different, to make own ideas and projects, this website introduces to collection of models, bind up with needles or with knot. Lots of models for men, women and even kids.

#5   Nelli Bolgert website

  Nelly was born in Kazakhstan. Now she is living in Germany and wnats to share with her remarkable handworks. Nelly likes to innovate something new with her handworks. She has wonderful knitted dolls in her collection. There are dozens of them and that is not the limit. Other handworks of this artsman here. Among other collections collection of ornaments is very interesting. Ornaments can be used both for patchwork and for a collage. The circuits or figures are given to every ornament; you should only maximize or minimazi them to the most convienient size.

#6   Mohairman's picture archives

  The large archieve of models associated with knitted models, which are knitted using mohair cotton. Go here to obtain new ideas. About 5000 art photos - wide choice. Custom made sweaters.

#7   Kitten

  This project is devoted to handworks from Estonia. There are knitting and crochet lessons, knitted clothes. Every model is delivered with pattern. Using patterns you can make your own copies of models presented here.

#8   Arts and craft in Fashion Traditional Hand knitting Design

  Traditional Arts and Crafts Hand knitting Evolution to High Quality Fashions. Hand knitting and crochet are ancient crafts handed down through the generations. Women passed the skills on to their daughters and granddaughters in order to preserve tradition. Bulgarian women are gifted with richness of soul and sense of harmony and beauty. They put all their imagination and vision into creating intricate traditional national dress, implementing a wealth of colour.

#9   Crochet home page by Daria

  The web site is devoted to Daria's hobby - tatting. She lives with her husband in Mexico and loves crochet. She gives some advices, crochet lessons and crochet models with patterns. Only Russian version of this web site is available.

#10   Amigurumi shop

  Amusing Japaneese knitted toys.

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