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#1   Temari Balls

  The Art of Japanese embroidered thread balls. Temari balls are an folk art form that originated in China and were introduced to Japan five or six hundred years ago.

#2   Cross-stitch from Company Solaria

  Company Solaria is specialized in computer design and programming. Some years ago it started designing with own software charts of gobelin tapestries (with gobelin stitch and petit point stitch) from paintings of popular artists and assembling kits for customers. All it designs are adaptable to cross stitch too.

#3   Irina Malikova collars

  Irina Malikova collars are unique. Inspirational embroidery beware, some of the models wearing the collars aren’t wearing much else!

#4   Cross-stitch design software

  Like to cross-stitch? If you do, PCStitch is for you! Cross-stitch design software allows you to create your own patterns. Create projects from scratch, or automatically convert photographs and other images. Create an Heirloom! You provide the photo and PCStitch does the rest. The import feature automatically maps the colors in the image to the closest floss colors. It's as easy as that! In minutes, you will be stitching a picture of your kids, your house, or the family pet!

#5   Skeldale house

  Embroidery designer website, it offers you ornaments for manual embroidery and machine embroidery. wide choice of various designs associated with embroidery

#6   Armenian Embroidery

  This web site is specifically for Armenian embroidery of Marash origin. It is also called Armenian interlaced embroidery, also referred to as Marash embroidery. It is called Marash work after its city of origin. Armenian embroidery is also known by other names as well; one such other name is Maltese embroidery, because it was introduced from Armenia to Malta and Europe during the Middle Ages. Instructions and pictures of Armenian Embroidery. Step by step pictures and instructions of this beautiful needlework.

#7   Rushnychok

  Ukranian traditional cross stitching. Very beautiful towel motives. Since olden times embroidered decorative towels in Ukraine have an indispensable part in traditional folk holidays. The most important events in people's lives never took place without towels. The embroidered towel was always symbol of hospitality, bread and salt were offered to respected guests on it, also new-born babies were put on a towel and they also accompanied people on their last journey

#8   Helen Gibb's Website

  Ribbonworks, half dolls, books, silk prints, ribbons, lace and more. There are ribbonwork patterns in the Projects pages.

#9   Told in a Garden

  Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum designs Told In A Garden, Butternut Road, and Lavender and Lace.

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