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Nina Libin
Ekaterina Stepnaja

Nina Libin is an artist, a master craftsman, the author of the original technique, which she has called BEANILe. Nina is an extremely busy person, and I was very glad that she has agreed to tell me about herself >>>Read further

I'm glad to present a head of creative studio of Ankars. She is the founder of breath-taking Ankars technique. She is active, incredibly strong woman with sunny disposition. She is Ekaterina Stepnaya. >>>Read further

Natalja Khon
Angelica Susoyenkova

Natalja is a beginner jeweller. Her beading hobby became critical when she decided to change her fate by choose it as a profession.

>>>Read further 

Angelica lives in a very beautiful ancient town of Chernigov . She is a very cheerful and talented artist master in the bead work from the capital M!

>>>Read further

Irina Malikova
Jan Stawasz

Each person needs to discover his or her own gift in himself this is what Irina Malikova from the Russian town of Orenburg thinks. Embroidery collars of Irina Nikolayevna Malikova are beyond the scope of crafts and as unique as creative activity any persisting artist. >>>Read further

The most fantastic thing is that Jan Stawasz is doing an absolutely far-from-man job such as tatting. He has reached unbelievable results in his creative work. He can be truly called the best craftsman of tatting in the whole world! >>>Read further

David Chatt
Nelly Bolgert

Using the technique of the bead work David Chatt unites thousands of tiny beads and creates a high-tasteful works in the style of surrealism. It takes 500 hours to create some of his works! >>>Read further

Nelly make wonderful knitted dolls.This direction of her creative interests has to do with her childhood, to be more exact, - with the fact that in those times very few manufactured dolls were made, and she had to make them for itself and for her friends. >>>Read further

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