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Albina Polyanskaya
Svetlana Shironina

Albina Polyanskaya is not only a big beads lover, a talented designer, whose creative work amazes by its original shapes and the variety of techniques, she is also an owner of the bead shop. >>>Read further

Svetlana Shironina spends about a month at embroidering a small still life with seed beads, sitting with tambour for 5 hours a day. It's impossible to earn living by this handicraft, but it is such a delight to see how... >>>Read further

Ludmila Goryainova
Marina Lindberg

The models created by cooperation of the patchwork needle women of L.Goryanova and N.Tyetkina astonish the imagination of the most prejudiced snappy dressers. I have tried to find out how these knitted masterpieces are created.. >>>Read further

Everyone, who visited the room of Marina Lindberg, which is assigned for knitting, was plunged into the many-colored rainbow of the knitted clothes. There are high piles of sweaters, waistcoats, poncho, bags, skirts and jackets... >>>Read further

Irina Belinskaja
Svetlana Marchuk

With greatest pleasure I introduce you the master of beadwork from Moscow Irina Belinskaya. Irina has been a designer of bead jewelry and accessories for many years, in the past she was cooperating with famous studios. >>>Read further

Lovely miniature compositions of Svetlana Marchuk are made of beads with much love and attract rapt gazes of the observers. What is the secret of such charm? >>>Read further


Tatiana Van Iten

Angelina Rozanova

Would like to introduce you to Tatiana Van Iten, an outstanding jewelry designer from the USA whose works have won several beading contests. Tatiana uses a wide variety of materials, including very small seed beads... >>>Read further

The evening jewellery created by Angelina Rozanova have their own unique style. Once seen they already cannot be forgotten. It is surprising how great is their charm! >>>Read further



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