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Piece to piece - the patchwork technique

Every needle-woman has a lot of unnecessary pieces of cloth, which she grudges to through away, to pile up in time… what if we sew something useful and beautiful using the rag technique? The rag technique, or patchwork, consists of sewing together pieces of cloth of different colors and texture, which allows making very elegant decorative blankets, pillows, rugs, kitchen gloves, clothes and much more. Let's try? >>> Read Further

Mathematicians crochet chaos

Mathematicians have made a crochet model of chaos - and are challenging anyone else to repeat the effort. Dr Hinke Osinga and Professor Bernd Krauskopf, of Bristol University 's engineering mathematics department, used 25,511 crochet stitches to represent the Lorenz equations. The equations describe the nature of chaotic systems - such as the weather or a turbulent river. The academics are offering a bottle of champagne to anyone who cares to follow the pattern published in the journal Mathematics Intelligencer. >>> Read Further

Dream Catcher

Once upon a time, when I was browsing through the Internet, I have discovered a rather odd object made of beads, the purpose of which had been a puzzle for me for a long time. Outwardly it looked like a souvenir of the sealed purpose, resembling a useless panel for interior decoration. This is exactly what I thought when I saw this small wonderwork for the first time. The Dream Catcher” – is the name of this mysterious and ancient religious object of the North American Indians, which is claimed to possess unique magic power. It was surprising to find out that it is very popular among the modern Americans! >>> Read Further

An ancient Scandinavian method of knitting

This method of the needlework was used in the past times in Norway and Sweden. And now it's almost completely forgotten and only few people remember how everything was done. The make looks like it was knitted, but this technique is based on the spiral interweaving of the thick woolen thread, which is done using a big needle. >>> Read Further


Knitted lace of the Bruges

Belgian town of Bruges – is a home land of the famous lace. Bruges' knitted lace imitates lace, which is done on the bobbins, - it's a special kind of decorative crochet. Though this lace mostly serves as decoration for the curtains, table-cloth and pillows – it a true lace! In the true sense of the word, because this filigree hand technique has always been a symbol of the precious Flemish laces, which were done on the bobbins. >>> Read Further

Irish crocheted lace

They often use crocheted imitations of the lace – the Irish crocheted lace – for the dressing items, which change according to the latest fashion. These imitations, which are crocheted using different methods, deserve to be paid special attention. First, the motives of the pictures are made by the crochet-hook, then they are joined on the stencil with the help of the mesh. >>>Read Further



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