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Knitting and fashion

We will probably never find out the exact date when knitting was invented. We can only guess what has inspired the ancient man to take two thin rods in his hands (it might have been the prototype of a modern hook?) and make the first loop in the history of knitting. Unfortunately, the ancient knitted samples have not survived up to nowadays. We only inherited the images, which testify that knitting is one of the most ancient kinds of art and that it has appeared approximately in III-IV centuries AD. >>> Read Further about the knitting and the fashion

Ganutell – exclusive Maltese needlework

They say that new is well forgotten old. This is exactly what one can tell about ganutell. My story is about the ancient art of making flowers. Artificial flowers have always been used in interior, they decorate clothes, and flowers give special charm to fashionable ladies' hats. Such flowers are used everywhere, in all kinds of situations - beginning from weddings and finishing with funeral. >>> Read further about the ganutell

Gems! Gems! Gems! Who does not love them?

There are many classifications of gem stones and minerals, because there too many different opinions on what is what. The definition of a "precious stone" is not objective. It often depends on fashion, demand and portability (note, that demand could depend on anything including the magic qualities of the gem). After reading this article you will be able to get your own opinion on the subject. >>> Read further about the gems

Discover a queen in yourself!

One day I received a message from a friend of mine. She surprised me with this confession: "Like many other women I am very humble in choosing the cloths for every day. I do not like to attract attention. This is maybe why I do not really wear my own jewellery... though I probably should... My husband complains about it. He wants to be proud of me and other men should be jealous that he has SUCH a lady near to him.">>> Read further

Reporting from trade fair from Kazukas

Each year spring in Lithuania signifies a grandiose and fascinating event for all the craftsmen, also those, who value folk art and who like to have a good time. In the very first weekend of March a huge trade fair is organized in Kazukas according to an ancient tradition. Although its “epicentre” is situated in the centre of Lithuania – Vilnius , other cities don't remain aside. Nevertheless, the Vilnius trade fair is the most unique! >>> Read Further about the trade fair from Kazukas


The art of temari – is the most beautiful and amazing kind of needlework, which came to us from the ancient times. Temari creates colorful embroidered balls, the geometric ornament of which is done when many multicolored threads interknit. Temari's ornaments resemble kaleidoscope. Temari – is an ancient traditional toy, which mothers used to make for their children in China , and later on in Japan . It turns out that temari is about 1000 years old! >>> Read Further about temari



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