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Bead and Button Show

People say that the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the most popular bead show in the whole world. And they are right! And not only because company representatives, instructors and vendors from numerous countries come to the show, but also because it features the best known beading contest in the world – “Bead Dreams”. This year students and exhibiters from more than 30 countries came to the Milwaukee. Read further about Bead and Button Show >>>


Fashion show in Moskow

An event I would like to tell you about can be called unique. It was the first time for an independent bead jewellery designer to participate in a fashion show in Moscow. The International Graduate Art and Fashion Week took place in the capital of Russian Federation on the 25-28th of April, 2006. It was one of the largest international projects that had a purpose to promote new fashion designers into the fashion and art world. Read further about fashion show in Moscow >>>


Practical witchcraft that brought me Winter

It seemed that nature went crazy in Europe (this is the part of the world where I live). Winter with its  freezing weather came unexpectedly, at least, not when my calendar promised it... Well, to be straight, it came in Autumn. It made an incredible fuss among drivers and services that were responsible for keeping the roads in a good condition. When my calendar Autumn was over, the real Autumn came (right after Winter, hm...) Are you confused? Read further about the beaded ball >>>


Get ready for an art show!

When jewellery designers are going to participate in a show the first time, they often have a question about how to use the space in the most effective way. It is good if you can use glass show cases and special stands. Though, sometimes it is difficult to do if the space is expensive and you need to fit everything in a small space. Also, glass show cases them selves maybe expensive or an artist does not want to deal with heavy equipment. Read further how to use the space on the Bead Art show >>>


Easter Egg

You may use an egg made of wood or take a regular egg, empty it and fill with sand (glue the whole after with some paraffin). Also, you may fill the egg shell with the paraffin (melt it in a pot and pour in), remember, that paraffin shrinks a lot and you will have to add some when it cools down. You may color the shell with acrylics or nail polish (wait 24 hours for it to dry). You will need 5 grams of the bugles and 15 grams of the seed beads. Read further how to make the Easter egg >>>


Christening by fire

Viva to the curiosity that all the artists have, and that pushes them to take the roads of the unknown! In a search for the novelty we sometimes overpass our own expectations and suddenly find something incredible. We find new passion that promises to push aside all our old ones. Something like that happened recently to me. I made up my mind to take a class and learn how to make glass beads. Read further about the lampwork beads >>>


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