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The Bead World of the Artist David Chatt ( USA ) -

Any work that employs needle and thread had traditionally been thought of as women's work. How did you manage to take courage to refute this idea, because it's common known that you create you sculptural works of the beads?

I have spent years trying to find an excuse for my strange behavior. Finally, I came to the dead end and I still can't explain it. Like a crow I am attracted to things that sparkle. There is something at the core of me that finds this laborious bringing together the beads compelling beyond reason. Beads provide a magnet for the eye and hand. The union of the thread and the beads allows my voice to be heard. Just like a madman I'm obsessedby the passion for the bead work, doing the painstaking process of sewing thousands of tiny glass beads one to the next.

How did you come to your own technique of working with beads?

I began working with the technique, which uses two needles at once for the bead work, about 15 years ago, and now it is the basis for my works. Once I have found an old purse made of beads and I tried to define how it was made. It turned out that it was made by the traditional stitch using two needles. This discovery enabled me to work with the beads the way I have never been able before.


Tell us about your method.

The stitch is based on a four-bead unit that forms a square with one bead per side. Consecutive units are added which share the sides of the other units to form a grid of beads.

Once I started using the basic technique I began to figure out a myriad of mutations which allow for working three-dimensionally, in the round and in organic shapes. This is perhaps the most versatile of all of the beadworking techniques.




Though the technique of beadwork is centuries old, the sculptural forms of David Chatt's work speak much to the life of modern-day man. His work is imbued with a lively sense of humor that forces us to chuckle as we interact with his piece . The vivid example – is his queer sculpture from the beads – a grotesque, rose drop without eyes, but with the perfectly developed mouth and anus… Using the technique of the bead work David Chatt unites thousands of tiny beads and creates a high-tasteful knick – knacks in the style of surrealism. It takes 500 hours to create some of his works! It's impossible not to appreciate his creative and taking a lot of time technique of working with the beads!

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