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  • How can I maximize a picture of an item?
    Click on a picture of an item you want to maximize

  • How do I make a purchase (put an item to the shopping basket)?
    In order to put an item in shopping basket click the left mouse button on the picture of basket to the right of item description.

  • What shopping basket is used for?
    Once you press on the picture of a shopping basket to the right of item description an item will be added to the basket. It is the same basket you use when you go to the shop. After you add the item the shopping basket will show the price of each item in separate, quantity, description and totals of all items. You can change a quantity of the items or delete the item from the shopping basket anytime you want.

  • How do I use a menu in the bottom part of the shopping basket?
    In the menu you can:
    1. « Remove basket » - clear a basket;
    2. « Information » - get help ordering items;
    3. « Recount » - count totals if you wished to change a quantity of the items;
    4. « Make order » - Proceed with order

  • How do I change a quantity or delete an item?
    You can change quantity of a certain item in your basket, by changing a digit in the column «Quantity». After you have changed the quantity press button «Recount».

  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    All orders are processed in $USD.

  • Can I pay for order in other currency?
    We use PayPal transfer systems. These systems provide currency transfer. PayPal ir one of the most popular payment system over the internet, which accepts credit cards.

  • How will I pay for order?
    After you make order you will be prompted to choose PayPal money transfer system. We accept payments from all locations. You can choose the most convenient type of transfer for yourself.

  • How can I make a wholesale purchase?
    Contact us for a wholesale purpose.

  • What is the minimal amount of an order?
    The minimal anount of an order $USD 5 .

  • How do you ship electron guides and patterns?
    We send all electron guides and patterns via email or internet.

  • How do I use electron guides and patterns?
    To read patterns and electron guides you must have Adobe Acrobat. You can download this free software here:

  • How much will I pay in shipping charges?
    We send all orders that contain patterns and electron guides for free. Shipping by ground costs $USD 8 for orders under 1kg. For every kg over 1kg shipping cost additional $USD 3. For example if you the overall weight of all items is 2,5 kg. the shipping will cost $USD 14.

  • What countries do you ship to?
    We ship to all countries.

  • When and how will you send my order?
    Usually all order are sent in 48 hours (2 days) time. After you confirm your order you will receive email message.

  • When will my order arrive?
    Shipping terms depend on the destination country and they can vary depending on a distance.

  • Returns and warranty.
    We guarantee our products and services. In the unlikely event of a defective products or dissatisfaction, simply return it within 5 days for a refund or credit on purchase prices of all items returned. Please contact us before sending the return items and we will issue a return authorization. We do not pay for the cost for sending back the items. Products returned must be unused and in resale condition.

  • Privacy Policy?
    We respect your privacy! Any and all information collected at this site or by phone / fax / email will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, loaned, or otherwise disclosed.

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