Beaded jewelry design, Ankars jewelry, tatting patterns on

Handmade beaded jewelry design, Ankars jewelry, tatting patterns

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Handmade beaded jewelry design, Ankars style jewelry, art and beads, newest and forgotten crafts. This website is devoted to handworks - beloved hobby of women and sometimes even men. Being interested in beadart, tatting and embroidery, knitting and crocheting you will find here what you are looking for. Online Jewelry shopping.



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handmade beaded jewelry design, ankars, tatting with the beads

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Welcome to look at the "BEADSKY BROOCHES -2010" participants models that take part in the contest. This is the contest for the best seed bead brooch design!

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Original copyrighted patterns of handmade Ankars jewelry, tatting patterns, beaded jewelry patterns. Rare and absolutely unique tracery. You can obtain these patterns and make the works by yourself. Believe in yourself and your abilities and you'll be able to make a real piece of art.

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Free e-Newsletter with creative beading ideas, design inspiration, information and favorite links to bead workers and etc. Join our Free mailing list and get a Present for submitters - "Electronical Bead Encyclopedia in illustrations". Welcome to look at the"BEADSKY RINGS -2007" participants models that take part in the contest. This is the contest for the best original idea for the seed bead ring design!

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Bead & Button Show - 2009

It is once again June in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and we have arrived at the Bead&Button Show, this time with my sister and youngest niece. This is already the ninth year of this annual event, which attracts teachers and students, sellers and buyers, and company representatives from all over the world. Many of these people are highly dedicated beaders who can bead while eating or drinking, walking or talking, flying or driving. And while they sleep they bead in their dreams. >>> Read further about Bead & Button Show - 2009

Exhibit in Paris - June 2009

In the Russian Cultural Center in Paris, France, from June 11 until June 25, 2009, was held with great success an exhibition of beaded jewelry by Tatiana Van Iten. He exhibit was organized in March 2008 by the Russian-French association, Archipelago, the mission of which is to strengthen international cultural ties. Of tremendous and indispensible help was the Russian Cultural Center in the person of Vladimir Sokolov, who worked hard to help his fellow Russians living abroad. >>> Read further about exhibition in Paris

Gems! Gems! Gems! Who does not love them?

How really precious is your stone? How does color and defects of a stone influence its price? There are many classifications of gem stones and minerals, because there too many different opinions on what is what. The definition of a "precious stone" is not objective. It often depends on fashion, demand and portability (note, that demand could depend on anything including the magic qualities of the gem). After reading this article you will be able to get your own opinion on the subject.>>> Read further about the gems


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Jeanne Wertman

handmade beaded jewelry designer


I have always been interested in any kind of handwork: crocheting, knitting, tatting, and my latest beading and micromacrame. I remembered a little from the late 60s, and 70s from making pot hangers etc. Once I started with beads, I just had to combine the two. I hope you like my efforts as much as I like doing them. Jeanne Wertman>>> Read further about the micromacrame design by Jeanne Wertman

Alexander Kramarenko

handmade beaded jewelry designer

The art lies on the verge of similarity and difference. Complete similarity isnt original, but difference is a fraud. There are lots and lots of artificial roses in the world at this minute, you are adding one more. What for? Yours shouldnt be like others. Alexander Kramarenko. >>> Read further about bead flowers design by Alexander Kramarenko



The most wonderful and surprising gift for a holiday is handwork. This creation is so beautiful that every woman will be delighted to get it as a present. And you will see it by presenting it to your dear friend. Lovely handmade beaded jewelry, necklaces and bracelets, earrings, pendants with semi-precious stones and original design, souvenirs, unique Ankars jewelry, accessories, garment items and other different handworks made with love especially for you.

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