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Who gets the most beautiful flowers?


An event I would like to tell you about can be called unique. It was the first time for an independent bead jewellery designer to participate in a fashion show in Moscow.

The International Graduate Art and Fashion Week took place in the capital of Russian Federation on the 25-28th of April, 2006. It was one of the largest international projects that had a purpose to promote new fashion designers into the fashion and art world.

There were participants from 16 countries and the only bead jewellery designer became a sensation of the show. It was Irina Belinskaya who brought her jewellery collection "Wedding fantasies" to the show.

This is what Irina told us:

- I worried if the light was good or something else could go wrong, but despite my doubts and emotional tension the presentation of my collection was very successful. It was even better than I expected. I got support of the public. People whom I did not know applauded my collection. I think that is valuable.

My friends told me that the presentation had been discussed by people as one of the most interesting in the show. They said it was the most beautiful part of the show. I can only trust them, because I was behind the podium helping my models to change dresses and jewellery.

- Irina, would you tell us of the preparations for the show?

- I needed to choose simple looking dresses, that would accentuate the jewellery. I had sets of beaded hats, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I would like to thank my partners who helped me with this task. It was a wedding salon "Millennium for two".

- I wonder what is usually happening behind the podium?

-You do not want to be there, let me tell you! It was a chaos there, everybody was nervous. All the models wanted attention at the same time... give me this, button that... Little girl Anastasia helped us all by going out first. Everybody calmed down, while she was charming the public with her ballet pace and the rose petals that she was dropping on the podium.

By the way, Anastasia had on the bracelets from my jewellery set, that was called "The golden autumn" and won the second prize in the international bead jewellery contest the "Beadsky dreams 2005"

All that nightmare was not noticeable for the public. I looked at the video of my presentation later. Everything went smoothly and people looked happy.

- Are you happy with your participation in the show and the results?

-I am. The preparation of the 10 minute presentation took a month. I knew that it would be close to the end of the show. I thought that the public would be tired and my presentation had to be outstanding to keep its attention. So, I did my best and it paid off. I have got quite a few business proposals together with the appraisal by the public. It totally did worth to invest all that time I did.

- Can you do this again?

- I can and I am going to. I am preparing new fashion show now. And I am going to worry less this time.

- Where can we see your jewellery collection?

-You can see it at my web site I am building now. There are many things to do there still, but I have a few good pictures there

- So, who gets the most beautiful flowers?  

- If you really did not guess yet, I will answer. A bride, of course.  

- You are right, I guessed :) I just wanted to go back to our discussion of your jewellery collection and ask this... Why did you decide to make the flowers the central theme for your collection?

  - The flowers are the most important components of any wedding. There is absolutely no weddings without flowers. They are in the bouquets, on dresses, purses and tables. A bride, a groom and the guests have them. The bride feels herself the queen of the party if she has the flowers only. As a designer of the wedding jewellery I have a goal to help any bride to be the only queen at her wedding.  

- Irina, we are discussing the topic "What to do, in order to look like a queen". Do you have any recipes?

  - First, you need to wear exclusive jewellery. Second, you should be not afraid of attracting attention by your gorges accessories. Third, just imagine, that you are a queen!

  - What can help to imagine that?  

- Your self-confidence, of course!  

- What if somebody has lack of it? Here is your example. Your friend calls herself humble and says that she does not like to attract attention. How would you convince her that it is a good attention if it is attracted by an elegant outfit and a matching piece of jewellery?

  - I would say her, that she should take the liberty of letting herself to wear an exquisite piece of jewellery. If she can do this, she will feel herself a queen, who deserves the admiring attention of the people around her.   I have got an example for you that I had in my own jewellery store. A "humble" lady came in to browse around. She had her jeans, a jacket and the runners on. She looked around and said: "Very beautiful! Unfortunately, I cannot wear it anywhere, especially not to work".  

I replied: "Look at me, I am wearing my jewellery right now, and I am at work!" Then she said: "Well... you can... but I have different kind of work..." And she left.   She was back the next day. She had her hair done, some cosmetics on her face and her eyes shined. She smiled and said: "Am I not a woman?"

She bought a necklace and a bracelet and ordered the earrings and a ring to match. The set was very nice and it was in harmony with her skin tone, the color of her eyes and hair.   I personally always wear my jewellery. I feel naked without it. The question I have every day is only - how many of it I will wear that day.  

- How do you make that decision?

  - It all depends on my outfit that day. I have one very "rich" set. It includes a belt, a few bracelets, an anklet and a few necklaces. When I wear some or even all the pieces of the set I feel myself real queen! It attracts so much attention, like you would not believe. It is all good attention, because I hear only compliments. People just love it.  

The only rule is that all your jewellery should be in harmony with your outfit. It all depends on your cloths and style you decided to have that day. Sometimes I can put on my beaded jewellery and some metal jewellery together, but not often. It is difficult to match them. Mostly it is one or another - beads or metal.   As soon as you fell confident with your style and choose the jewellery for it, you are pretty much ready to feel yourself a queen!

Translate by Natalia Khon


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