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Practical witchcraft that brought me Winter


beaded ball

It seemed that nature went crazy in Europe (this is the part of the world where I live). Winter with its  freezing weather came unexpectedly, at least, not when my calendar promised it... Well, to be straight, it came in Autumn. It made an incredible fuss among drivers and services that were responsible for keeping the roads in a good condition.

When my calendar Autumn was over, the real Autumn came (right after Winter, hm...) Are you confused? Well, you are not alone. Can anybody tell me what part of year was it? (the calendar said it was December, but who is going to believe the calendars?!) Was it Autumn or Winter? Maybe it was Spring? There supposed to be Spring after Winter, not Autumn... naive people like me think so... Though, not people only can be "naive".

The weather was so warm, that some plants "believed" that Spring came. We could see the buds on some trees. Spring flowers started to blossom... Mushrooms started to grow as in Autumn. This craziness continued almost till January! I personally was afraid, that Santa Claus would not come in time :)

As you can guess, I could not let it happen! I decided that a time for some practical witchCRAFT came. I wished Winter to come and made a small surprise for it. It should know, that we are waiting and happy to meet it again. What would Winter like to get as a gift? 

Christmas decorations, of course! Something very "wintry" - small green Christmas trees, snowflakes and pieces of "ice". I conjured thoroughly by my needle and beads. They sparkled in my hands and formed the wintry ornaments.

And a miracle happened! I looked out of my window and saw a starting snowfall. Real snowflakes sparkled in the air in a magic dance. Winter excepted my gift and came to my town! (Santa Claus will come just in time! :)

I was very busy for two evenings. Finally, my beautiful new Christmas tree is going to get its best jewellery!

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