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Contest "Beadsky Earrings 2006-2007" winners

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Contest “Beadsky Earrings 2006-2007“

Winner Announced!



Thank you to all the participants who submitted their works for our contest! I hope you enjoyed it even if you did not become one of the winners. I personally find all the works very creative and inspiring. 109 entries by 25 jewellery artists were sentfrom all over the world.

Nevertheless I have to announce the winner. This is Tatiana Van Iten from the USA. Her work is outstanding and I am sending her my prize and congratulations with her victory!

beaded earrings, author Tatiana Van Iten, contest Beadsky Earrings

Congratulations for a victory!

The prize she is getting is a hand embroidered doily, a craft magazine "Duplet", a blue agate and a package of very special extra tiny Czech beads.

prize of  Beadsky Earrings 2006-2007 contest

Our official sponsor Natalia Khon from Magic Jewellery Box is giving prizes to two more participant.

Albina Polyanskaya from Ukraine is getting a "Maple leaf" necklace made by Natalia and an art cabochon for the most creative and exquisitely done work "Little Chinese lantern".

Svetlana Kamenskih from Russia is getting three beautiful cabochons for her unique work "Sulamif".

beaded earrings, author Svetlana Kamenskih, contest Beadsky Earrings 2006-2007



A special prize for creativity is going to Maria Roudakova, who is a jeweller from Switzerland for her earrings "Lady-Witch". She is getting a book about beaded rings.

earrings author Marija Roudakova, contest Beadsky Earrings 2006-2007


book o beaded rings

The Sponsors of the competition:

Contest Beadsky Earrings 2006-2007



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Present for submitters - "Electronical Bead Encyclopedia in illustrations"