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The history of the Irish crocheted lace

They often use crocheted imitations of the lace the Irish crocheted lace for the dressing items, which change according to the latest fashion. These imitations, which are crocheted using different methods, deserve to be paid special attention. First, the motives of the pictures are made by the crochet-hook, then they are joined on the stencil with the help of the mesh. The meshes are replaced by mechanical meshes or are done by the crocheted cords, because they require a lot of time and labor to be made.

The Irish crocheted lace is a kind of work using the crochet-hook, which was created not so long ago. The first works of this genre were done in Ireland in the middle of the XIX century and they resembled old Venetian lace. These makes were used as laces and as a trimming to the lingerie and dressing items.

The Irish lace was an object of the home production for some time in the region of Dublin and Belfast , but its usage was spreading and the number of the Irish producers was not big enough to satisfy all the orders. In 1900 the Irish crocheted lace comes to France and starts to compete with the most beautiful modern laces.

Nowadays the Irish crocheted lace is a classic make, which stands against the will of fashion and a lot of needlewomen in France , Austria and Germany are busy by creating it. Here you will find the information about the technique of making the Irish crocheted lace.

The information on making the Irish crocheted lace


The crochet-hook is used to make the Irish crocheted lace. You need to have crochet-hooks of different sizes, because threads of different thickness are used to work at the lace.


As a rule the Irish crocheted lace is done of the white threads. They sometimes use linen threads for some makes. Linen threads were used very rarely to create Irish lace before, because there were no threads of good quality at the time. The Irish lace was made of the silk threads of the creamy-yellow color for some time, but the usage of silk was always limited.

Making the Irish crocheted lace requires three kinds of threads of different thickness -

-the thread of the middle thickness to create the ornament itself,

-the thick thread for the basis of the ornament,

-the thin thread for the mesh.

Making the Irish crocheted lace requires certain skill in crocheting. The models are done not by the consequent rounds, as in the case of the usual crocheted makes, but they require a more complex making. They begin to crochet the Irish lace by the motives, which form the ornament itself. These motives are usually made by crocheting round the main thick thread by the thread of the middle thickness. When the motives are ready, they are secured on the paper pattern, on which the ornaments of the future Irish lace are drawn. The pattern includes the contours of the motives and the lines, along which the fastening mesh has to be crocheted.

Then the motives are united with each other by the thin open-work background (the mesh), thus forming the Irish crocheted lace. To do so the motives are placed down by the right side on the paper and a joint is done.


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