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Master Club - Ludmila Goryainova

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Knitted fashion by Ludmila Goryainova (Russia, Saint Petersburg - November 2004)


The models created by cooperation of the patchwork needle women of L.Goryanova and N.Tyetkina astonish the imagination of the most prejudiced snappy dressers. I have tried to find out how these knitted masterpieces are created from Ludmila Goryainova's daughter – Galina.

Galina, could you, please, tells me in what technique are the knitted models created?

All the fashionable clothes are done by an artist from Saint Petersburg – L.Goryainova – in a rare technique of knitted patchwork. Separate fragments are knitted in different lines, although the make is not sewed together of pieces. The fragments of different color are knitted one to another, and the back of the knitted make looks just like the right side. All the makes are done, mostly, of woolen yarn. Thanks to the accurate patterns knitted clothes fit perfectly.



Were any articles published about your mother?

There were no articles about my mother anywhere – she is indifferent to any image-making moments, she just likes the process of creating a make itself. But I must say that there are hardly any makes at home – they all get purchased.

How do the purchasers find your mother?

Everything happens by itself. When several years ago the first knitted makes were sold, there appeared a circle of customers, who know order not only knitted patchwork, but also simple models. Moreover, some well-to-do women make orders for knitting – they ask for new hats, sweaters and so on. It's amazing when they manage to wear all of this! Because the work is laborious, I can't say that it brings a lot of money, although there are constant orders for the knitted clothes and it brings some confidence.



How are such splendid models created? As I understand – in cooperation with a designer?

In cooperation with Nadejda Alexandrovna Tetkina – an artist from Saint Petersburg. Mother learned about the technique of knitted patchwork of N.Tetkina, where she went after seeing the ready makes at some exhibition. Thus they got closely acquainted with Nadejda Alexandrovna, and now they work together. Nadejda Alexandrovna doesn't knit – her hands hurt, but she develops the general idea, and mother in an imperceptible way brings modern and complete look into the makes.

The first customers came to us from the shop, where several makes were sold, now the circle of the customers has widened, the makes have success. Probably, mother has luck – when I wear clothes, which she makes, even those made in a traditional technique, someone asks me about them for sure (once a woman in the church came up to me, apologized and said: ĞI understand that this isn't the right place, but where did you get such a hat?”).

Now mother teaches the courses of knitted patchwork from time to time, they also have success – her experience as a university teacher shows. It's interesting that some former students now come for advice not only for knitting, but also for life.

How much time does it take to knit a coat?

Mother knits rather fast, although some may do it even faster. But, considering that she can't stand rejects, sometimes she lets out a lot if she notices an error or if she doesn't like what she did. Thus, it usually takes about a month and a half for her to knit a coat in a working routine without a rush.

By the way, as far as I know, she masters all the known techniques – she crochets, knits on the plug, knits in the technique of Irish lace and so on. Sometimes she works out the models for the shop, mostly, for crocheting. Because she is always well informed about the news in the world of knitted fashion, I think that her makes are really interesting.

Come to see the website of Ludmila Goryainova:

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