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Master Club - Marina Lindberg

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Visiting Murmur

Everyone, who visited the room of Marina Lindberg, which is assigned for knitting, was plunged into the many-colored rainbow of the knitted clothes. The colors gush out.

There are high piles of sweaters, waistcoats, poncho, bags, skirts and jackets both knitted and crocheted.

And Marina keeps on taking more and more knitted clothes out of the cardboard boxes.

Everybody interested in knitting and needlework, who want to get in touch with the like-minded persons, has a big chance to be Marina 's guest, or the guest of Murmur, as she calls herself in the Internet. If somebody asks her for a translation from Swedish or Norwegian into Russian, Marina won't turn him/her down. Only that Danish language is more complicated, it's not like Swedish. But there is also a possibility to help.

Marina can do the calculations according to the photo and create a description.

This woman moved to Sweden from Ukrainian city Odessa 7 years ago, when she became a wife of Soonie Lindberg.

She began knitting at the age of 6. She likes all kinds of needlework. In Sweden she has discovered a totally new world for herself.

It was surprising that one could buy wonderful threads in one and the same shop along with the provision, and also to buy them at the low price in the second hand.

And how many wonderful magazines about knitting of the past years one can buy in a very cheap price here!

Back at home, in Odessa , when Marina worked as a chief inspector of the personnel department, she couldn't afford expensive clothes because of the unstable payments, but even then she found the way out. She often came to work in a new knitted clothes and nobody could guess that her new dress – is an anew knitted old sweater. Marina could knit a sweater for the weekend.

Now Marina spends most of her time at home, she doesn't have a job, but she has work to do all the time. New ideas always arise in her head and she shares them with many needlewomen from different countries using Internet.

When Marina got married and moved to Sweden she was 44. Marina was very persistent in learning Swedish language, she was catching on words very quickly.

She understands everything, but accent is present in her speech. Maybe that's the reason why she still doesn't have a permanent job, or maybe because she is 51? Nevertheless, she had a practice as a needlework teacher at school. Marina dreams of an expensive knitting machine with the automatic control.

November 16, 2004.

Swedish newspaper “Norra Vasterbotten”, the translation by Marina Lindberg.

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