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Discover a queen in yourself!Great Chinese wall


One day I received a message from a friend of mine. She surprised me with this confession:

"Like many other women I am very humble in choosing the cloths for every day. I do not like to attract attention. This is maybe why I do not really wear my own jewellery... though I probably should... My husband complains about it. He wants to be proud of me and other men should be jealous that he has SUCH a lady near to him."


Then I received another message from another friend of mine. It said practically the same. The lady was also very humble and did not wear the gorgeous jewellery that she made herself. Why? Let's think of this together.


It looks like there is a rule for many women. When they get married, they feel very confident and relaxed, as if they are as safe as behind a brick wall. That's nice, of course. However, a married woman (oh, no!) starts forgetting of her appearance. Sometimes, she forgets about it for ever...


Why shouldn't she? The only reason that made you worry of your image was your fiance. Now he is your husband. Done deal!

You have love till the end of times. Is anything left to want? Where is he going? You have family, children, mortgage, credits...

Years pass in this fuss. No time for beauty... By the way, where is your waste?

Slowly, the lady stops being a "queen" and forgets that men love by means of their eyes.

Let's recall what was at the beginning of your relationship. Lo-ong time ago... your loving man was fascinated by his fiancee fairy...cute princess with a gold shoe... not a humble busy lady, especially not a housewife in a robe... Meanwhile the feelings fade while he is looking at such a picture.

So, my pretty ladies, let's remember, that beauty is a great power! Remember this as well as you remember your name! Beauty is a very powerful weapon. Beauty is the magic of attraction, secret of love, power of holding your man's heart and the secret of your charm.

Do you know, that if woman does not value herself enough, then nobody else will worship her? Will an admirer sing a serenade to a humble woman?

You probably guessed right. Only a "queen" can win the men's hearts! Is there a woman who does not want to become the "queen" and always be admired and beloved? Maybe you do not want to? Then you should not keep reading this!

Well, well... You are still here. OK... How do we start? How to put yourself back on your throne? There is one little secret and I am going to tell you about it. Psychologist have found a starter that launches the process of becoming the "queen".

By the way, the queens of screen have known this secret for many years. They did not need to wait for scientists to figure it out for them. Ask Nicole Kidman or Julia Roberts, if it is only cloths, make-up and jewellery that gives her a queenly look.

Beatrix - the Queen of the Netherlands, 2006

The secret proved to be a straight queengly posture. That's right! Have you ever seen a stooping queen? They have proud posture and happy look. Everyone recognises them as the queens. I will show you why the straight back is the first stage. What happens after is a subconcious process.

A bent figure is a reaction of our body to frustration and depression.

Let's have an experiment to see how it works. Bend your back and frown. Are you ready? Now try and feel happy and proud! Can't you? It is because the posture is not proper for this feeling.

Then do the opposite. Straighten your back, smile and.... try to feel frustraited. Can you be upset with anything? Instead you feel how the feeling of comfort is coming back to you. You feel much happier.

Now, go to your mirror and look at the result! How do you like yourself? Demn good, aren't you?

The straight back is so important, that yogi made up an exercise to get a habit of keeping their back slender. They stand with their shoulders pressed close against a wall for 30 minutes. They take this "medicine" every day for 21 days in a row. Not less, not more! I call it Jeanna d'Arc pose. You do not need it, if you can remember to keep your back straight.

Now you have a proud and happy look and it is very easy to make yourself into a queen! Women have many secret weapons for this purpose. There is cosmetics, diets, fashion cloths, scents, hair dyes and accessories. Let your beloved self have everything best! Then a wonder will happen. You will bloom as a beautiful flower and turn into a splendid Queen. No one will be able to resist your charms! What do you think? Would you like to try? When if not now?

Irina Astratenko
Ankars and beaded jewelry

Translating by Natalia Khon /Canadian jewellery designer/

Images: Great Chinese wall, Beatrix - the Queen of the Netherlands, 2006.

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