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An ancient Scandinavian method of knitting

This method of the needlework was used in the past times in Norway and Sweden . And now it's almost completely forgotten and only few people remember how everything was done. The make looks like it was knitted, but this technique is based on the spiral interweaving of the thick woolen thread, which is done using a big needle.


In order to make the stitches even you will need a special flat wooden needle. It has to be rather wide, it depends on the thickness of the thread, of which you are making the work. You can use a usual big shoe needle in order to experiment in this technique, but it's better to work with the original needle.




Making the 1 st round.

First make 2 spiral curls of the thread. The further technology or the interweaving is shown at the pictures.

Use the stencil in order to learn the simplified variant of the technique. Repeat the moves of the needle by turns up and down, making the interweaving the same way as shown at the picture.

1 st move the needle down under 2 spiral curls.

2 nd move the needle up under 2 lower spiral curls.

Alternate the 1 st and the 2 nd move with each other until you make a stripe of the necessary length.




Making the 2 nd round and all the following rounds.

You can add the 2 nd round using two methods.

Method I. With the break of the thread.Hide the thread between the interweavings and cut off the end of the thread.

Make 2 first spiral curls. Catch up the thread from the spiral curl of the neighboring round by the 1 st move, then thread the needle the same way you have done in the 1 st round under 2 upper curls. Thread the needle under 2 lower spiral curls by the 2 nd move up.

Meth od II. Without breaking the thread.

Make the 1 st round, then form a turn out of the stripe and continue stitching by adding the 2 nd round to the first using the above-mentioned method. Thus, you can make mittens by adding a round to the round. To form the thumb you need to leave a part of the stitching not united (about 4 cm), then make 2 spiral curls and continue stitching. Alternate the color of the thread each 2 rounds for the multicolored stitching you will get stripes.

Information was collected by Marina Lindberg


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