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Master Club - Angelina Rozanova

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Angelina Rozanova - the founder of a creative workshop "ANKARS" (Russia / Moscow - January 2006)

The evening jewellery created by Angelina Rozanova have their own unique style. Once seen they already cannot be forgotten. It is surprising how great is their charm! One has an indelible impression of the refinement of her style, grace and a special lightness and jeweller beauty of the lacy masterpieces created by Angelina Rozanova.

 Angelina, what are you?

I have graduated from Moscow Power Institute and simultaneously the courses of foreign languages MOSGORONO (the English branch), and further postgraduate study and university of lecturers of Moscow . Within 15 years I regularly studied a history of painting and a sculpture on materials of the State Tretyakov Galleries, a Pushkin museum of the Fine arts, and also in Russian museum and the Hermitage in Petersburg ,  the Radishev Saratov museum and the museums in other Russian cities cities.

Were you engaged in the lecturing activity?

I read lectures by the Society "Knowledge" on themes:

1. Social - psychological and pedagogical bases of dialogue.

2. History of Russian art (basically  history of Russia and  history of architecture).

I had read in total more than 700 lectures in the most different audiences: from heads of the first level of the largest enterprises in Moscow up to working women in factories.

In 1991 after moving to  the area of New - Peredelkino ZAO of Moscow I began teaching 10 and 11 grade students in school number 1017. I was a teacher of a subject that was called  "Architectural monuments of Russia " for humanitarian classes and the English language teacher for humanitarian, technical and medical classes.

For teaching the subject of "Architectural monuments of Russia" me and E.Stepn a ya has made texts of lessons, using the books about the architecture of Vladimir, Suzdal, Ancient Kiev written by the experts of the highest professional level: N.N.Voronin, G.K.Vagner, Karger, P.P.Tolochko, etc., and also materials of the guidebook of J.G.Shapiro on the Hermitage.

When have you started to be professionally engaged in shuttle tatting?

After I took a course called  "Frivolity" in 1992, I began teaching my students this technique in "Vstrecha" club in TKS "New - Peredelkino". However the plane lace of frivolity was soon transformed by us into the technique that we called  "ANKARS". We started using thin sliding strings, beads and decorative elements both fine and large elements. Our products became volumetric.

Authors of the ANKARS technique are E.Stepnaja and A.Rozanova, that is confirmed with our publications and diplomas (in abbreviation ANKARS Angela Safonova's initials are included also).

In 2005 I became a member of the Creative Union of artists of Russia and INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ARTISTS.

Angelina where you scoop inspiration?

I find the ideas on facades of architectural monuments and on walls of palace interiors more often.

To get acquainted with other works by Angelina Rozanova it is possible on a site of creative workshop Ankars:


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